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Driver Assistive Systems

Driver Assistive Systems

Technologies that help drivers operate vehicles efficiently and safely make up a key area of research at the Intelligent Vehicles Lab. Driver assistive systems combine sensors, data processing algorithms, and a variety of display and feedback mechanisms to support decision making, manage the cognitive demands of driving under difficult environmental conditions, and reduce driver errors that often lead to crashes. More information


Test Tracks

Highway and Intersection Safety and Surveillance Systems

The IV Lab is involved in research on monitoring systems for both rural and urban environments, including the Rural Intersection Decision Support and Cooperative Intersection Collision Avoidance –Stop Sign Assist programs. More information


Instrumented Vehicles

Data acquisition, vehicle instrumentation, and test automation

The research carried out in the IV Lab requires the capture and analysis of high-resolution data from vehicles and human subjects. To support this research, IV Lab staff have developed a range of data acquisition and storage systems optimized for specific ITS applications. This expertise, combined with the Lab’s core competency in mechanical engineering, has also contributed to the design of automated testing systems for roadways. More information


Systems Research, Design, and Development

Systems Research, Design, and Development

The development of systems for intelligent vehicle control, traffic management, and other applications is a cornerstone of the Intelligent Vehicles Laboratory mission. The engineering expertise of the IV Lab staff extends from adapting existing commercial tools to developing entirely new technologies, supporting innovative approaches to safety and mobility challenges. More information