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Highway and Intersection Safety and Surveillance Systems

CICAS diagram

The IV Lab is involved in research on monitoring systems for both rural and urban environments, including the Rural Intersection Decision Support and Cooperative Intersection Collision Avoidance – Stop Sign Assist programs.

Rural highway and intersection safety

Rural roadways make up only a small portion of the road network, but they are strongly over-represented in crash and fatality statistics. Since 2002, the IV Lab has worked to make rural through-stop highway intersections safer by developing systems that help drivers avoid crashes. The work begun at a single Minnesota intersection expanded to other states through a federal pooled-fund research project, and then was incorporated into the USDOT’s Cooperative Intersection Collision Avoidance System research initiative. More information

Urban and suburban traffic monitoring

Because urban and suburban arterial roadways are typically not equipped with the extensive vehicle detector networks commonly installed in urban highways, monitoring arterial traffic is difficult for traffic managers. The Intelligent Vehicles Laboratory is involved in research on automated traffic monitoring for urban and suburban areas, as well as red light runner surveillance and analysis. More information